This service allows you to connect to an FBEL lab PC from your own personal laptop, desktop or iPad using the University’s wifi service or via your connection in your campus residence (ResNet).

To access the service navigate to the following website.  You can access a PC directly from your browser or for a more enhanced experience install the relevant client by following the help sheets.

Once connected you have access to the applications available within the FBEL IT Labs. See the full list.

You also have access to your files stored on your H: drive along with email and FBEL printing credit. You can now use your own laptop to print to the FBEL printers using your quota without needing to use a lab PC.



We have a number of help sheets to guide you through the setup of the client and connection to the system.

How to access Datastream

How to access ITLAB

How to access ITLAB – iPad-Android

How to access ITLAB – Mac OS X


Make sure that you download the suitable client without “local mode” as this function is not supported.

There are a number of community-developed Linux clients available, such as the vmware view open client that can be found in Linux source depositories. The method of installation will depend on your Linux flavour. More details on this can be found here: